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Your book purchase will be donated to Ilwas Elementary School in support to the 3B's Program. 3Bs: Bawat Bata Bumabasa (every Child Reads).

Bring a spark to every child. Join us to build a Story Book Pantry in Ilwas Elementary School to help 500 pupils to read. 


A note from the school Principal:

Ilwas Elementary School ensures to minimize the struggling readers of IES in this time of the pandemic. Mr. Fernando F. Felarca, Principal I launched the Improving Learners’ Word Acquisition Skills (ILWAS) or Project ILWAS last October 2020.

Project ILWAS was collaboratively organized by the IES teachers headed by Sir Felarca with the Reading Committee para sa “Tuloy Tuloy na Pagbasa para sa Batang IES” amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Through modular distance reading wherein a parents/facilitators guide was crafted attached to the printed weekly passages distributed weekly to each pupil to enhance their skills (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension skills).

A 20- minute reading session every day was also advised for those who are struggling to read and for those who are already able to read.

Mr. Felarca challenges the teachers and parents to eradicate the number of struggling readers before the school year-end.