Our Brand

SPARK - A brand that radiates happiness to our clients and provides hope to the communities we serve
Our PURPOSE is to create a happy and thriving communities guided by our core principles
Our core PRINCIPLES are: Righteousness, Humility, Responsibility, Commitment and Courage
Our PRODUCT ensures sustainable standards focusing on the over-all experience of our customers
Our PEOPLE focuses on building communities with the support of our clients and stakeholders
Our PHILANTHROPIC business model is our foundation in providing hope to the communities we serve
We believe everyone should be in a position to realize their full potential and it is our mission to invest in our communities to have a bright future that will contribute to our societies and the well-being of our planet. We aim to promote a sustainable education by providing educational tools and communal school supplies to enhance pupil’s learning experience for marginalized school communities in the province of Zambales, Philippines.
To do that, we realized that we need to;
  • Fund Spark Initiative Programs in a sustainable manner

  • Employ local citizens in our host communities

  • Establish - Spark - as a brand. A Brand that radiates happiness to our clients and provides hope to the communities we serve

Spark Initiative must continue its mission and we need a sustainable source of income to fund our future projects. Our Stakeholders believes to our mission and this will be attainable with the support of our local communities.
The values we share with our local communities: Bayanihan (Filipino term for “sharing community”), aims to promote sustainable education by providing tools and resources that they can share in their school community. We aim to serve elementary schools because we believe that this age period builds their educational foundation to read, write and speak a language.
Our role is very minimal; and we aim to help our students to bring “Spark” in their lives. We hope that through Spark, they will continue to believe on themselves and aspire to reach their wildest dreams. Finally, it is our firm belief that if we invest in young people, we will have the most desirable and responsible world citizens.