Region X

Bringing Back The Fun in 2021

Run, walk or bike 1 mile, add some distance and go for a 5k (3 miles) or really take it to the distance and do a 10K (6.2 miles)! Don't want to stop there? Add even more miles and shoot to win the prize for longest distance walked, run or biked!

Show off your accomplishment by sharing with us a photo or a short video (15 seconds maximum)  of your athletic performance and you will be featured in our celebratory "crossing the finish line" video!  There will also be fun prizes for most clever video/photo, best costume, best furry friend, and cutest video w/little tykes. 

This year we are especially interested in WHERE you do your run/walk/bike because we will feature the geography of participants in our watch party video. 

Register, complete your distance and submit your photo or video by November 8th and come for the watch party and celebrate together 'crossing the finish line' on November 11th at 7:30pm


Gold Sponsor: Columbia University

Silver Sponsor: Goldstein and Cheung LLP

Region X Supporters: Study Abroad Association, LinguaLinx, Inc. 



submit your photo or video HERE.

We look forward to another wonderful Region X event and to Bringing Back the Fun in 2021!

All participation is voluntary and at the individual’s own risk and based on their own abilities.